Daimler Fleet Management

Products & Services.

We offer a wide range of products to benefit you in the long-run.

Fully utilize your savings potential when deciding on the right product for your car purchase. Our consultants will provide you with all the information needed to suit your individual situation.

Fleet Management.

Let us ease your life.

Taking over the management of a fleet means taking over responsibility from A-Z. Using our modular service offer, we create the optimum solution for you.

Our service modules:

  • Vehicle Purchase

    In order to enable you to lease a vehicle, it first needs to be purchased. All steps regarding the purchasing process are handled by us. With our unique purchasing power, we are able to get attractive prices and our customers benefit from that through favourable leasing rates.

  • Logistics

    From the first transfer of the new car to your company up to the return at the end of the lease lifecycle - we are your one-stop contact. You take over the car from us and give it back to us at the end of your individual lease lifecycle. And while we are taking care of your - then already old - vehicle, you will have nothing but the pleasure of choosing your new vehicle.

  • Driver Management

    Daimler Financial Services will assist you with all questions in choosing your vehicle, fittings and accessories. You choose and we deliver your individual leasing offer.

  • Reporting

    We understand that businesses need not only outsourcing, but transparent outsourcing. We know that outsourcing is also a matter of trust and that is why we offer reporting services in order to keep you completely informed about your fleet. The status of the vehicles, maintenance and repair, fuel and tire management are only a few criteria according to which we offer reports.

  • Invoice management

    All invoices - no matter what - are handled by us. Period. You will feel a significant reduction in your administrative burden, whereas our specialists examine every invoice and take care of it.

  • Remarketing

    After the Leasing contract has expired, we take care of your vehicle. All you have to do is choose your new vehicle - we can cover all topics regarding your then expired contract.

Your advantages

  • Perfect overview of your fleets status through specific reporting tools

  • Exact planning of fleet costs enabled

  • Optimum cost controlling down to individual fleet vehicles

  • Invoice control through our experienced staff with technical background

  • Support for drivers with ordering and logistics

  • Direct communication with drivers

Operate Leasing.

Profit in the long run.

More and more fleet operators choose leasing concepts as a major element in the fleet strategy. An important part is our operate lease concept.

With an optimized fleet structure and the right options for each vehicle, you increase mobility while decreasing the administrative burden – and you will lower your costs significantly. You are only paying for the actual use of the vehicle. This leaves you with fixed key figures to calculate your fleet expenses. Cost transparency and cost planning will significantly increase and your liquidity position will remain strong. Combined with exceptional vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, their unique residual values and resulting outstanding TCO figures, we are certain to reach new levels of efficiency.

"The Mercedes-Benz Best Offer"

We benefit from being a captive fleet management company – so why shouldn’t you? As integral part of the Daimler Group and in close partnership with Mercedes-Benz Cars, we are certain that we will be able to provide you with the most attractive offer for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Challenge us!

The right choice in vehicle procurement can open up large savings potential.

Average TCO approx. figured based on international average:
Capital costs (finance leasing rate) 48%
Fuel 18%
Insurance 14%
Maintenance & Repairs 7%
Tire Service & Replacement 6%
Motor Vehicle Tax 4%
Other 3%

Your advantages

  • Only actual use of the vehicle will be charged

  • Residual values are guaranteed

  • Fixed monthly rate

  • Transparent basis for your cost calculations

Full Service-Leasing.

Your wish is our driving force.

By making use of our wide range of service components, you will see what hassle-free service means. We take carE of every aspect during the car life-cycle.

Our Service Components:

The information given here is a general overview of our international product range. For specific country information, do not hesitate to contact us or your local operations.

  • Maintenance and Repair including Mobility Services

    Daimler Financial Services can efficiently manage the entire repair and maintenance authorisation process. Through our network of suppliers and partners we ensure high quality work, timely completion and rigorous adherence to our authorisation procedures. In case of theft or total loss, we will take over servicing, taxi, replacement vehicle costs, and whatever else you need to get there.

  • Tire Replacement

    Our service partners will provide you with summer and winter tires. Further services are available upon request.

  • Insurance

    We will find the optimum insurance package for your specific needs - extensive coverage is the minimum.

  • Accident Management

    We take the stress out of having an accident. The vehicle will be towed to a preferred/authorized garage and the necessary repairs will be authorised and carried out timely. A replacement vehicle can be arranged - and the driver remains mobile.

  • Fuel Management

    Managing fuel is a significant aspect of fleet management. We have developed relationships with fuel suppliers, which result in a working knowledge of each of their products. That means that we can find the right fuel card system for your business, according to your needs, which allows you to pay for fuel and all other services at your chosen fuel station.

  • Green Fleet Management

    Fleet Management has an impact on the environment. How you deal with environmental issues affects your company's image and your fleet operating costs. Together with our colleagues from Mercedes-Benz, we can show you, how innovative technology and the perfect fleet set-up can minimize your environmental impact and make your fleet more economic at the same time.

Your advantages

  • We manage and organise all services regarding your vehicles

  • You can choose your service components according to your individual needs

  • Your fleet will remain well maintained at transparent costs

  • Service Cards will ease the handling of all services for drivers and fleet managers alike


Trustful and quality driven partners.

We work together with our preferred partners from all backgrounds and industries to offer you the best possible service. We add specific expertise to Daimler know-how, and ensure the highest possible quality standards.

Our Preferred Partners:

Please do not hesitate to contact our partners for more information on their offers.