Daimler Fleet Management

International Fleets.

Reliable and knowledgable consultation.

Let our consultants help you to find the right products that work for you in your country while keeping the „big picture“ in mind. Our consulting tools and reliable partners make this possible.

International Cooperation.

From start to finish by your side.

We have replaced traditional methods with a consulting approach that aims to understand your specific needs and offer you a tailor-made solution. And our partners from Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales bring in their specific expertise.

Strategic phases of international cooperation.

Firstly, the consulting process will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the current situation. Based on that, we start redesigning the customer’s in-house processes (if required) and define the optimum solution for any further cooperation. From lean processes to efficient reporting – we aim at laying the foundation for an efficient long-term relationship.


Finally, the concept comes to life: financing, leasing, driver management and service components such as fuel cards or replacement vehicles make your fleet work perfectly. And with our reporting tools, the fleet manager knows everything about the whereabouts of his fleet at all times.

Needs assessment

  • Identify your needs

  • Define car policy and target group

  • Identify international demands and national specifics

Process analysis

  • Analysis of existing fleet and processes

  • Analysis of international cooperation processes

Presentation of results

  • Identifying special demands

  • Definition of the international and local fleet goals

  • Comparison of current situation and desired mobility goals

Concept phase

  • Creation of a detailed concept

  • Creation of an implementable, overall concept

  • Service-Level Agreement


  • Preperation and implementation of the overall plan

  • Process responsibility assumed by Daimler Fleet Management

  • Regular adjustments and optimisation

Competent Consulting.

Keeping the big picture in mind.

International Mobility Solutions need to consider quite a few aspects to become a long-term success. This is why we consider an in-depth consulting process necessary for all deals.

For international deals, you need to consider local specifics of the countries involved and structures need to be clarified. Then, writing the request for proposal needs to take drivers‘ requirements and financial aspects of your company into account.
Due to our extensive experience with international fleets, we can assist you in putting together the right questions – even before you actually look for an outsourcing partner. That is, what we consider to be good service.


Our consulting will analyze your current fleet situation and compare it to your actual mobility requirements. Specialized consulting tools that we have developed help us to come up with an efficient concept for your situation. Based on this we will discuss an international master agreement with the customer that will then serve as basis for local agreements between the customer‘s and Daimler Financial Services’ local operations.
Following this process, we keep the „big picture“ in mind but ensure that the concept can be implemented on a local level.

Individual Mobility Solutions.

Customized concepts for your needs.

We constantly develop new solutions for all aspects regarding your fleet.
For availability of specific products in your country, please contact our respective country operations.

Digital Solutions.

We offer digital business solutions in several countries in order to support drivers and fleet managers alike in all aspects regarding their fleet vehicles.


Drivers can use car configurators to compare and finally order their car whereas fleet managers keep track of their fleets through an efficient / international Reporting Solution. Through our role model, different access rights can be granted to different fleet stakeholders. That way you gain maximum flexibility and transparency at a time.

Fleet Consulting.

Our unique Consulting Approach is designed to analyze your fleet and mobility needs. Our tools identify your savings over time and personnel costs by analyzing your internal fleet management requirements. As a result, you gain a better understanding of the cost components of your fleet while providing us with all the necessary information to offer you a tailored and optimized fleet solution.

Reliable Partners.

International and local guidance.

We constantly develop new solutions for all aspects regarding your fleet. For availability of specific products in your country, please contact our respective country operations.

On the basis of an international master agreement, local agreements between the customer’s and Daimler Financial Services’ operations will be signed. Certain aspects of the management of the customer‘s fleet will remain on a local level.


However, our local teams in all countries involved will inform the International Sales Team about all activities in their country. This way we can ensure that the central decision maker on the customer side has only one contact person he can call.

Our approach to local-international-business:

Daimler Fleet Management Headquarters

  • Acts as contact for your international operations

  • Provides you with international reporting

  • Develops International Framework Agreement

Daimler Fleet Management National

  • Our Account Manager acts as contact for your national Fleet Managers

  • Adapts solutions to your national requirements

Daimler Fleet Management Local

  • Our Customer Service Center acts as contact for your drivers

  • Handles all operations such as order intake, deliveries, vehicle returns, statistics and reports